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    Routers and switches are computer network devices that allow you to connect one or more computers to other computers, network devices, or other networks.

    Most company networks currently use switches to connect computers, printers and servers in offices. They are controllers that allow network devices to communicate effectively with each other. By exchanging information and allocating resources, switches allow companies to save money and increase employee productivity. Switches form a network. Routers connect networks with each other. They are components of all business communications, ranging from data, through voice and video, to wireless access. They can improve profitability, enabling your company to increase productivity, reduce business expenses and improve security and customer service.

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    We offer construction, extension and configuration of computer networks - wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN).

    If you would like to share your Internet connection in your apartment with several computers, build a network in the new company headquarters or diagnose and fix network problems, please contact us.

    In the wired network, the basic carrier is the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable or sometimes the STP (shielded twisted pair) cable. They differ in the maximum possible distances between devices. It is 100 m for UTP and 250 for STP. Shielded cable has shielding foil, and the protective cover is of better quality, so it results in lower transmission losses and greater resistance to interference. Despite this, UTP twisted pair is widely used (due to, among others, lower costs). It is the cheapest and the most commonly used type of cable in local area networks.

    Currently, twisted-pair cable category 5 or higher is used, which enables 100 Mb/s data transmission.

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    Firewalls can be both devices operating in the local network and programs. The home user will choose the latter solution.

    The role of the firewall is to block network access to the computer in which it was installed. Firewall can distinguish between unwanted network traffic and desirable traffic. Properly set, it will also block programs installed in the operating system which are trying to connect to the server without the user's knowledge.

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    We offer a perfect solution for companies that require an advanced telephone system and effective call and contact management. Telephones which we integrate can be used immediately after they are connected to the network, without a complicated and time-consuming programming.