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    Disabled Toilet Alarm System

    The packages which we integrate usually contain a complete set of the alarm system: a single controller, signal lamp, reset point and panic strip. The system elements can be freely extended.

    To trigger the alarm, one should simply pull the panic strip which will activate the light and sound signal outside the room.

    It is most commonly used in all types of toilets for the disabled, but it can also function as an alarm device for emergency assistance in fitting rooms, solariums, interview rooms, reception desks, etc.

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    Nurse Calling System

    We integrate pager calling systems in hospitals to improve nurse-patient communication. The patient room has a red transmitter with nurse call button. The receiver sends a signal to the nurses' room. The LCD screen there informs the staff about patients who call for help. Nurses receive the information about both the room number and the bed the patient occupies. Thanks to this, they can go to a specific place and help the patient as soon as possible.

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    Audio/Video Intercom

    Intercoms are the most popular devices used for voice communication in the building. Most often, intercoms are used for communication between people at the entrance gate and those in the house, or between those at the entrance to the staircase in the block and people living in apartments.

    Owing to the audio-video intercom you can see, hear and talk to everyone at the door being able to even remotely unlock it via your smartphone without the necessity of going downstairs and opening the door. In case you forget the key, you are safe because your phone may act as one. The intercom is also a convenient option for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.