CCTV is a system of image transmission from a camera to a designated set of monitors or image recorders in a limited area, which serves increasing security of that area. It can provide security for a single building, e.g. a bank, school, supermarket, as well as building complexes such as airports, train stations, bus stations, large industrial plants, etc.

We integrate the Video Management System, also known as Video Management Software or a Video Management Server, which enables us to collect the video material recorded in a facility, record and store it to a storage device, as well as allows us to view the live video and access the recorded video.

It provides a 24-hour security control in the building and, in case of robbery or theft, it facilitates the identification of a perpetrator. In case of a fire, the VMS may prove useful in determining its source. It allows you to recreate a sequence of events to identify the threat. Ultimately, visual fire detection is an additional element of fire protection that is certainly worth the price.

The monitoring of large complexes can be used to analyze the course of a terrorist attack, identify people involved in it, and to respond more quickly and efficiently to similar situations in the future. CCTV installations in such places are useful for tracking the moves of wanted men and predicting their further actions, which will allow to arrest them.

More and more cities are deciding to monitor streets, parks, housing estates in order to catch any violations of law and accidents or unfortunate events. Thanks to it, the relevant departments can react immediately.

VMS monitoring is also perfect for companies that need additional office security against intruders. The very view of the cameras often deters potential thieves.

The positive effects of using CCTV encourages many people to install such solutions also in their own houses or apartments in order to ensure security.


Thermographic camera is one of the most advanced thermographic instruments. It detects even the smallest temperature differences, which are subsequently converted into an image that is displayed in real time on the screen. Unlike other night vision systems, which need a bit of light to generate an image, the thermographic camera does not need it at all, which makes it a great tool to see everything despite absolute darkness or harsh weather conditions. Explosion proof cameras are intrinsically safe industrious cameras which can be used as surveillance equipment in potentially explosive areas. They can be mounted in places where, for example, due to the nature of work performed, explosive gases, flammable dust (coal or agricultural) occur.


The CCTV external visibility system enhances the safety and security of vehicles, provides footage for accident investigations and driver training. Compared to traditional mirrors, it is supposed to provide the driver with better visibility on the road and eliminate blind spots.

The camera system is designed mainly for trucks, but it can also be used in passenger cars. Traditional truck/car mirrors are replaced by an innovative camera system, which consists of two or more integrated external cameras with digital monitors mounted inside the cabin.